Portloe, Cornwall to Mevagissey, Cornwall

map portloe to mevagissey

miles 202 - 204
From Portloe, it is steeply up the cliffs to the old coast guard lookout point on the headland. There then follows a mile or so off quite breath taking cliff walking, with the cliffs dropping straight down to the sea. After a total of four steep climbs from Portloe, with the following steep descents, you reach the sandy beaches at Portholland Cove
Follow the made up track out of Portholland
miles 204 - 206
This made up track leads to an old coast guard lookout, and then to Porthluney Cove, following the winding road down to the beach. The privately owned Caerhays Castle is just back from the beach. It was built to look like a castle by John Nash in 1808 on the site of an older house.
After following the road for a short way, the coast path runs across a field to re-join the coast looking across Lambsowden Cove towards Greeb Point, your next objective, but having to cross a steep sided stream en route.
caerhays 1 caerhays 2
Porthluney Cove on from Porthluney
miles 206 - 208
Half a mile from Grebe Point takes you down to the beach again at Hemmick Beach, a small quiet sandy cove.The next mile or so after the beach is a long climb up to the 373 foot high Dodman Point with its distinctive cross. The cross was erected by a local vicar in 1896 as a mark for sailors. You will also find another of those disused coast guard points here on the headland.
The clearer the day, the better the views
goran 4 goran 5 goran 6
Gorse on the cliffs the cliff path Bow Bay
miles 208 - 210
Having carefully wound you way down from the point, you re-join a clearly defined track to round the shingle beach at  Bow Bay, before rounding the point to get to Gorran Haven. The path runs half way up the cliff till it reaches the small harbour at Gorran Haven
Off shore the Gwineas Rocks have been responsible for many ship wrecks.
Climbing up out of Gorran on the other side the path soon reaches Great Perhaven Beach, half a mile of sand and rocks
goran haven 1 goran haven 3 goran haven 2
Gorran Haven Gorran Haven Harbour on from Gorran Haven
miles 210 -212
On leaving the beach behind, you pass a oddity known as Bodrugan's Leap. It is said that Sir Henry Treworth, fleeing from his pursuers in 1485, leapt from the cliff onto his horse on the beach below. Pondering on this exploit, you round Turbot Point, go inland of Chapel Point and arrive at Portmellon Cove. It is then a half mile up and over along the road to Mevagissey.
Mevagissey is an old fishing port with a busy harbour, both an outer and an inner harbour. Though today Mevagissey relies more on tourism than fishing. Never the less, it has retained its old world charm with its narrow streets and quaint houses
mevagissy 2 Mevagissey, with its crowded harbour, full of fishing boats mevagissy 7
mevagissy 5 And looking ahead to Fowey and beyond in the distance.

There is even a rainbow to send us on our way

mevagissy 6
mevagissy 1

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