Mevagissey, Cornwall to Fowey, Cornwall

map- Mevagissy Cornwall to Fowey Cornwall

miles 212 - 214
Its about two miles from Mevagissey to Pentewan. The route climbs up above the harbour at Mevagissey, rounds Penare Point, then drops down to the caravans at Pentewan Sands
portpean 4 portpean 2 portpean 3
rolling cliffs Pentewan pub the caravans at Pentewan
miles 214 - 216
Pentewan, with its pub, shops and quaint, now landlocked, harbour, is worth a pause. Then the path continues steeply along the road up the hill out of the village. It soon regains the fields and the cliff tops. There are two steep downs and ups before you reach the cottage at Hallane.
The path bypasses Black Head, but it worth a three hundred yard detour to take in the magnificent views from the head. In another half mile, the path veers away from the coast at Trenarren to pick up the road for a hundred yards

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miles 216 - 218
The mile and a half to Porthpean is along the cliffs,with a couple of steep down and ups on the way. Porthpean has little in facilities out of season.
Beyond Porthpean the path rises through pine woods to regain the cliff tops, passing an old coast guard lookout to your right and a Holiday Camp to your left. The beach below is for the happy holiday-makers.
charlestown 1 charlestown 2 charlestown 3
Sailing ship in Charlestown port Charlestown harbour the inner harbour
charlestown 4
on from Charlestown
miles 218 - 220
Drop down to Charlestown - named after the founder, Charles Rashleigh, who built the port in 1791 to ship ore from his Cornish mines. Later it was used to ship china clay, eventually larger facilities at Fowey and Par took over the movement of the china clay. However the port remains as a base for large sailing ships, and you can usually see a three or four master in port. Because of its charm it is frequently used for period films and TV dramas
A mile along the cliff top has you passing the large Carlyon Bay Hotel, and a further mile along the golf course. Below you is the long, sandy Crinnis Beach
miles 220 - 222
You are now entering serious industrial country, with Spit Point being the boundary of the English China Clay works. The fenced path leads you through the clay works, then you pass the big Par Sands caravan site, then round the last side of the bay, to a point called Little Hell!
miles 222 - 224
By now you are back into the country. And in half a mile reach Polkerris, an attractive hamlet, that is little more than the pub, the Rashleigh Arms. Above the small port are the ruins of the old fish salting cellars, where pilchards were pressed and barrelled.
Climb steeply through the trees to emerge onto the cliff tops again. A stroll of a mile and a half along the cliffs gets you to Little Gribben Head,
miles 224 - 226
From Little Gribben to Gribben Head is only half a mile. Gribben Head is 250 feet high, owned by the National trust, and topped by an 80 foot high day marker for shipping. A fairly steep descent drops the path to Polridmouth, which is a popular beach, beside the lake that is a part of the Menabilly Estate. Daphne du Maurier lived at Menabilly, which was the setting for Rebecca. Although the house is only half a mile away here, you cannot see it, nor is it open to the public.
On the far side of the cove, the path climbs through the woods, before descending to Readymoney Cove, in the outskirts of Fowey
Fowey has been a town since it got its charter in 1245. It is built steeply onto the side of the hill, which has enabled it to retain its charm, as there are very few modern buildings. Down in the harbour, there is a passenger ferry to Polruan on the other side. The passenger ferry runs in the summer. The car ferry, runs summer & winter which is a further half mile up-stream

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