Pendeen Watch, Cornwall to Lands End, Cornwall

It Vies to Pendeen Watch, Cornwall

miles 116 - 118
This was strong mining country. A mile from Pendeen Watch lighthouse, you pass Geevor mine, recently closed, and some other old mine workings, before reaching the Old Levant mine. The Levant was closed in 1919 after an accident killed 31 miners.
Before reaching Botallack, there is the Crowns, one of those engine houses perched on the side of the cliff, and therefore featured regularly in photographs

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miles 118 - 120
Botallack village is half a mile inland and has pub and other shops. There are more mine ruins (kenidjack Mine to your left) and more cliff forts (Kenidjack Cliff Castle to your right).
Then there is a steep descent to cross a stream, and after a long haul up the other side, Cape Cornwall comes into view. Even here the old mines are in evidence, with a mine chimney from the old Cape Cornwall Mine on the summit of the cape
Cape Cornwall  was for a long time believed to be the most westerly point in   England (no it is Land's End) The cape is not commercialised like Land's End, and is altogether a much more pleasant place today
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Cape Cornwall, with distinctive mine chimney The sinking winter sun at Cape Cornwall
miles 120 - 122
The path veers inland along a track to the top at Carn Gloose (Iron Age fort, though it could be a shrine from an earlier time) The path then drops down to the road at Cot Cove, and after that you re-join the cliff walk, climbing up to Gribba Point and above Polpry Cove
miles 122 - 124
On along the cliffs for a mile and you get to Whitesand Bay, a long (one mile) sandy tourist beach, with the path leading round the edge of the beach
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        There are still fishermen at Sennan Cove
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          Cape Cornwall in the distance                the harbour at Sennan
miles 124 - 126
Whitesand Bay ends at Sennan Cove. The harbour is at the far end of the village, and has an interesting old Capstan House (now a gallery)
The path wends past the old coast guard lookout post, past Maen Castle (Iron Age fort). One comes down to earth with a bang at Land's End itself - mass tourism, with all that goes with it. However the scenery is magnificent, and to sea there is the Longships Lighthouse, Wolf Rock Lighthouse, and sometimes the view stretches to the Scilly Isles (28 miles away).
The island just past Lands End is called the Armed Knight , and shows well how the granite has been aged by the sea.
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It felt like mid winter's day And it was mid winters days at Lands End

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