Cornish Coast - St Agnes, Cornwall to Portreath, Cornwall

Enjoy the ruins of the Wheal Coates mine on the cliffs at Chapel Porth

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Wheal Coates mine Towanroath engine house Towanroath - pure Cornwall
miles 79 - 82
On of the nicest sections on the coast. Sea views from the cliffs, wildlife and superb old engine houses. Leaving St Agnes, past old engine houses to St Agnes Head, which has a large colony of breeding kittywakes. There are also lots of gillemots. fulmars and gulls. Out to sea you can often sea grey sea and basking sharks (quite harmless). In spring there are also masses of wild flowers
The National Trust have restored the Towanroth Engine House, which hangs onto the side of the cliff, and is the most photographed of all the engine houses in Cornwall - on account of its position and views.
Soon after the the Towanroath mine, the path drops down to Chapel Porth beach, a small sandy cove owned by the National Trust
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miles 82 - 84
It is mile up, along the cliffs and down to Porthtowan, with its sandy beach, a few houses and a couple of pubs. Leaving Porthtowan along the road, past some mine shafts, you soon come to the fence around Nancekuke Defence Establishment
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miles 84 - 87
The next two miles are along the cliffs, with a couple of steep up and downs, but you do have the MOD security fence hard up against you to the land side
Once clear of the security fence, the path wends its way past the car park and the Daymark Tower to the town of Portreath. Portreath harbour was originally built to carry ore from the Redruth mines. It is now a holiday resort, with a sandy beach, shops and pubs
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Portreath harbour over Portreath harbour Portreath beach


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