Cornish Coast - Portreath, Cornwall to Hayle, Cornwall

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miles 87 - 90
South of Portreath the path goes inland of Tregga Hill before re-joining the coast, and a long (6 mile) stretch of National Trust land. There is a curious cave, known locally as Ralph's cupboard, where smuggler's loot used to be stashed. Off shore is Samphire Island, that was farmed for the sapphire herb
You are now on Carvannel Downs, and there are two steep downs and ups for the waterfall and stream at Porth Cadiack Cove. You then resume along the gorse clad, high cliff tops , passing above Basset's Cove (there is a steep path down) and Greenbank Cove and Deadman Cove (this must be pirate country)
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miles 90 - 92
After a further mile of good cliff top walking, you reach Hells Mouth. Aptly named, it is an awe inspiring cleft in the cliffs
On to Navax Point, a meeting place for migrating birds, and a breeding place on the cliffs for native birds. The caves below are used for breeding by the grey seals. In spring there are lots of bluebells to brighten up the cliffs
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Godrevy Point

Godrevy Lighthouse

south from Godrevy towards Hayle
miles 92 - 94
It is only half a mile to Godrevy Point, with the eponymous lighthouse off shore. The lighthouse was built in 1859 to protect ships from The Stones, a particularly dangerous reef just below the surface. Two noted wreck on the Stones were the packet steamer The Nile in 1854 which was lost with everyone on board. And in 1649, on the day of King Charles I's execution, the ship that was carrying the possessions of his son (later Charles II) was lost on the reef.
You then drop down to Red River, so called as it used to run red from the mining waste that it carried, and on into the charming little village of Gwithian. Gwithian has thatched cottages and a church. In the graveyard lie the bones of many shipwreck victims. There is, of course, also a pub, The Pendarves Arms.
miles 94 - 96
From Gwithian follow the signs to the Towans (sand dunes), and the path is well marked with posts through the dunes for this section. The dunes have a scattering of holiday homes of various sorts.
You can walk along the beach, which is perhaps easier going and more pleasant
miles 96 - 98
There is another mile of the Towans dunes, before one comes to the area of Hayle harbour, and a few miles of not so attractive route. At Hayle you cross the canal bridge and join the busy main road

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