Porthleven, Cornwall to the Lizard, Cornwall

Porthleven to the Lizard, Cornwall

seascape porthleven
looking back the way we came starting out from the harbour at Porthleven
miles 151 - 154
On leaving Porth Leven, past some old cottages and a coast guard lookout, you come to the sands of Loe Bar after a few hundred yards. This two mile stretch of sand to Gunwalloe Cove was formed by damming the River Cober, and then the sea forming the shingle banks as currents carried the shingle ashore. Half way along the beach is Loe Pool, a freshwater lake, owned by the National Trust, and part of their Penrose Estate.
The warship, HMS Anson, was wrecked off Loe bar in 1807, and it was after this that Henry Treggrouse invented the device that fires a rocket and line to beached ships in order to get the crew off.
After Gunwalloe, the path climbs up 200 feet to the cliff tops again, towards Halzephron Cliff. The Halzephron Inn is believed to have had a tunnel for smugglers through to the sea below the cliffs.
porthleven Looking back to Porthleven sea view, cornwall
gunwallow cove Gunwalloe cliffs and little coves
miles 154 - 156
After winding round the cliffs for a mile, the path drops to Church Cove, named after the 15th century church in the bay. Church Cove has also had its share of wrecks, and there be sunken treasure in these parts. The wrecks of a 1526 Flemish treasure ship and 1780 Spanish bullion boat, lie here. There has been much salvage done on them, but coins still do get washed ashore!
Its is then only a few hundred yards to climb out of Church Cove and drop into Poldhu Cove, with the golf course to the landward of you.. Beyond Poldhu the path climbs up to the Marconi monument - so much to commemorate on these Cornish cliff tops.
jangye ryn church cove, cornwall
  Jangye Ryn Inside the charming church at Church Cove
church beach
Yes there is a lonely, but used, church here at Church Cove It is right on the beach
miles 156 - 158
A mile after the Marconi monument the path drops steeply down to Polurrian Cove, then just as steeply up the other side of Polurrian to reach Mullion Cove half a mile further on.
Mullion Cove is a small traditional Cornish fishing harbour, now more geared to tourism, but very pleasant none the less. There is a small hamlet on the cove, Porth Mellin. Off shore is Mullion Island, with its flocks of noisy seabirds wheeling over it.
mullion cove lobster pots
mullion cove Mullion Harbour and Cove is owned by the National Trust. They are working on repairing the harbour here. It is much prettier when the tide is in
miles 158 - 160
After Mullion Cove, the first mile is along the 200 foot Mullion Cliff to Predannack Head. The rock changes from granite to serpentine, a material that is used to make local objects d'art
Rounding the Head, it is steeply down to Ogo-Dour Cove, then up through the bracken to follow the path along the precipitous cliff edge to Vellan Head. Beyond you can see the Lizard lighthouse.
kynance cove
          Kynance on a sunny day is heaven
miles 160 - 163
Half a mile after the head, there are some old soapstone workings at Gew Graze. Soapstone was used in the making of fine china like Wedgwood.
Up again along sheer cliffs to Rill Point. Rill was the first place that the Spanish Armada were sighted from. Another half mile gets you to the pretty beach at Kynance Cove. Offshore are the sprinkling of islands that make good photographs. In fact at low tide you can walk across the sands to the islands.
Across the footbridge at Kynance and up the steps to the cliff tops again for the last mile to the Lizard. There is one steep down and up to cross a stream, and old serpentine works , to reach Lizard Point with its old coast guard lookout
lizard lifeboat station national trust, lizard lizard point lifeboat
The old Lizard lifeboat station a dramatic setting

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