Padstow, Cornwall to Porthcothan, Cornwall

An easy walk round Trevose Head and on to the sandy beaches beyond

  miles 45 - 48

You wend your way out of Padstow along the harbour, on past the War Memorial at the top of the hill, and gently along to Harbour Cove, which was formerly a lifeboat station. The path continues on to Stepper Point, with its disused coast guard lookout  and tower.
As you round Stepper Point the coast to the south opens up, and you can see the cliffs stretching away towards Trevose Head
padstow 4 padstow 3
Padstow War Memorial towards Stepper Point
miles 48 - 50
Along the cliffs, past Porthmissen Arch, smashed in the rocks by the sea, and the collapses cave (called round hole for obvious reasons). The path then drops down to the sandy tourist beach of Trevone
miles 50 - 52
The path then continues along the low coastline, to reach the next sandy beach, Harlyn Bay after a mile. Here various Iron Age tombs have been excavated, and the contents are exhibited in Truro Museum
There is then a gentle climb to round Mother Ivey's Bay and past Mother Ivey's Cottage. Mother Ivey was apparently a formidable lady who claimed all salvage rights to anything washed up in the bay
trevose 1 trevose Rick Stein trevose lighthouse
         north towards Polzeath past Rick Stein's house (white)

sorry Rick, the price of fame!

             to Trevose Head
miles 52 - 54
A short detour will take you down to the modern lifeboat station, before getting to Trevose Head, with its distinctive white, short lighthouse. Trevose has stood out as a   headland as it is made from hard volcanic rock. It is a pivotal point on the coast, and you can see from Hartland Point in the north to St Ives in the south on a clear day.
In World War I, German submarines lay in wait here for coastal traffic rounding the point.
The lighthouse is open to visitors on weekdays.
Soon after leaving the head, you pass another round hole from a collapsed sea cave. The path then drops down to the sands of Booby Bay and then Constantine Bay
trevose 5 trevose 3 trevose 6
Winter sun at Trevose Trevose Lighthouse south from Trevose
miles 54 - 57
A short walk across a headland takes you to Treyarnon Bay, a small sandy surfing beach, with a Youth Hostel right on the beach.
There is then a magnificent cliff top walk for a mile, before you reach yet another sandy surfing beach at Porthcothan
constantine 1) constantine 2 constantine 3
Treyarnon Bay Treyarnon Bay Porthcothan

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