Fowey, Cornwall to Looe, Cornwall

Fowey Cornwall to Looe Cornwall

miles 226 to 228
Take the passenger ferry to Polruan, where you follow the quay to the right along the sea. The path goes up Battery Lane. This takes you round the outside of this small town, and out onto open country after the car park.
miles 228 to 230
There is some exhilarating walking with a steep climb up above Bluebottle Rock
Before dropping to lower cliffs on National Trust land above Lantic Bay. At the far end of Lantic Bay there is a path up to the Lanteglos Church (which is a short detour)
Otherwise continue on the coast path to Pencarrow Head and round past the old coast guard hut to Lantivet Bay.
miles 230 to 232
From here the path drops quite steeply down to cross a stream at West Coombe, a smuggler's cove with sand and rocks
A track detours right to Lansallos, a hamlet with a 15th century church
On the coast path it is another mile to get to yet another steep down at a stream, followed by a climb to a white navigation marker, letting ships at sea know of the position of the Udder Rock about a mile off shore.
Soon after this you are in for another short sharp descent to cross a small stream, with another steep climb the other side. taking you up to the summit of Blackyball Point, with the drop down the other side, with views of Larrick Rock just off shore.
miles 232 to 234
A lot of steps lead you up to the cliff tops for a miles walking along the wide cliffs to Polperro. There are magnificent views along the coast here.
Polperro is one of those picture book fishing villages, with narrow streets and a picturesque harbour crowded in by period houses. At the height of summer it can be unbearable, but out of season returns to its roots.
One of those narrow streets at the other side of the harbour takes you out of Polperro and back onto the cliffs
miles 234 to 236
The cliff path is well marked and easy to follow, past the war memorial, and down to Talland Bay, which has a little sandy beach
Steeply up from Talland Bay, there are two large markers that delineate one end of a measured nautical mile. Ships can use them to calibrate their instruments.
Past the markers, the path continues along the cliffs to the headland
miles 236 to 238
On rounding this point you are entering Portnadler Bay. At the end of the Bay, just before passing the off shore island of St George, you pass the remains of the Celtic Chapel of Lammanna.
St George's Island has had a colourful history, being used by smugglers to store their loot at one time. It was shelled by the German fleet in World War I, as they mistook it's shape for a lone British Battleship. It is now a bird sanctuary.
Arriving at Looe on Marine Drive at Hannifore Point, you follow the road round to the bridge. Looe was originally two towns, one on either side of the river, and each town had a medieval charter, and so each was a Rotten Borough sending two members of parliament each to Westminster, until the 1832 Act abolished such rotten boroughs.
Looe is a bustling town in the summer season, but returns to a quiet place in winter.

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