Bude, Cornwall to Crackington Haven, Cornwall

A easier walk than the last section, 8 miles from Bude to Crackington Haven

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mile 8 - 10
This section is along the cliffs for two miles, past the Coast Guard lookout and a navigation marker, until you meet the road, and the path follows the road for a mile or more, until you drop down to Widemouth Sands
widemouth 1 widemouth 2 widemouth 3
Approaching Widemouth Bay Leaving Widemouth The view north past Widemouth
mile 10-12
You can either walk along the long, wide, sandy  beach at Widemouth Bay, or along the top of a low cliff past the Old Salthouse Cottage.
widemouth south 1 widemouth south 2
Millook Haven Folded Cliffs
mile 12-14
You climb up out of Widemouth Bay, and back to the rugged Cornish scenery again, descending to the sea again at Millook Haven. Here again there are fantastic Cliffs with layers of folded rock showing the sort of torment that the strata here underwent.
As the paths goes on south, it passes a wood of stunted Sessile Oaks, by a steep coombe. This is the only surviving Cornish oak wood. Gales and wood cutters got the rest
The section ends with two mote steep coombes to go down and up
mile 14 - 16
There is now only one steep coombe between you and Crackington Haven. The cliff path follows the tops of high cliffs (reaching to 430 feet) with there striking folded rock strata.
The path rounds the 400 foot Pencarrow Point, then drops down into Crackington Haven. This is a surfing beach, with a small gaggle of houses, a shop and a pub, the Coombe Barton.
crackington haven pub crackington haven
The pub at Crackington Haven Surf at Crackington Haven

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